This is the website of Fernbrook Junior International Football Association, a private sports entity promoting the sport of soccer. As we all know, soccer is the most popular sport in Europe and some parts of Asia. It’s aim is to make it the most popular sport in the whole world. The organization is part of the effort to make the sport more known and accepted around the world.

The main goal of the organization is to promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging into sports activities and active living. This helps promote good health, and will help kids avoid bad influences like drugs and other bad vices which they might end up doing if not for the sport of soccer. This is another offshoot or by-product of having the sport actively played around the world. It may seem like a boring sport to some, but it takes a lot of discipline if you want to participate.

This is also a site for brotherhood, camaraderie and friendship, as clubs like ours are more likely to get in touch and play friendly matches or small tournaments any time. This is a good way to have tune-up games, and maybe even to organize a small league somewhere down the road.

Soccer should be a sport for everyone. Let us share our love and knowledge of the sport to everyone who cares to learn more.

Soccer is the best sport in history. We need to make the world know about it.