When looking for new employees, there are many traits that you are told to look for as an employer. Intelligence, good manners, a will to succeed – the list goes on as you can imagine. Granted nobody’s perfect, but it’s all about considering the role you’re putting said employee in to – do they have the right attitude for the sort of work they’ll be completing, and do they seem motivated? There are many aspects of every job role that match different people – nobody is the same – however the difficult in employment lies within choosing the right candidate over others.

One trait that stands out from the rest if ambition. Having the will to succeed, and aim to grow in a job role while driving to improve themselves and what they are working on, will set candidates apart from others who do not possess such motivation. Their innovation will help to drive your company and possibly even other staff members to improvement with the positivity that can come with ambition.

According to Chris Lear, Managing Director at One Sure Insurance, “Honesty is something that is absolutely irreplaceable in a person. An honest employee that will always admit their mistakes before blaming others, and saying things how they are in the work place, will always bring a great level of trust to your business and colleagues, which in turn will increase positivity among your staff.”

While it is not necessarily something you can judge about somebody immediately upon meeting them, you can build up an understanding of somebody’s honesty over time, so working to build up that trust can become part of the journey you will go through as an employer.

Employees need to be passionate. It’s been said that people who enjoy their job never work a day in their life, and it’s a phrase that really is true. If you enjoy your job enough, you won’t see it as work. You will find that a lot of people looking to get employed will go for anything they can get, simply just for the sake of having a job. They won’t enjoy what they do, but they’ll do it for the money. This is what makes the difference when people enjoy the job they do – you will see that added motivation and drive to do well and succeed.

It sounds rather negative to say that you should be as judgemental as possible when considering anyone for employment, however it’s unfortunately something that has to be done. You need to imagine how somebody will match a job role, and how they will mix with other employees based on their traits, for the sake of your business and overall positivity within your team. At the end of the day, it’s for you to decide as an employer, as you know how you want it to be run. Looking for the right values in an employee will help your business run more smoothly in the long run so make sure you are certain about any decisions you make.