National Soccer Day is celebrated on July 24th and it is a day to commemorate the day it was brought to this country. It was only recently that soccer has gained popularity in the region, and we have the Euroleague and to thank for it. When soccer was first played here, we didn’t have enough players to play the sport, so we had to import players from Europe and Asia to play for our teams.

Today, though, we have drummed up enough interest in the sport to have its own following. Kids now appreciate how truly competitive and challenging the sport really is. We now have professional and semi-professional leagues all across the country, as well as collegiate and high school leagues. This is a sure sign that soccer has now invaded the mainstream sports consciousness of the country today.

With such recognition, sports organizations like FJIFA are participating in soccer-related sports events, and National Soccer Day is one such event. This not only features friendly matches but also a social gathering of soccer fanatics just to talk about soccer and share stories and experiences regarding the sport. Since soccer is relatively new to the country, we have only started observing National Soccer Day very recently